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We are Fresh Wise!

Call us Importers, Exporters, Fruit and Vegetable specialists, Food maniacs, Food junkies or Veggie-pedias.

One thing is for sure; WE ARE FRESH WISE, one team bringing the best veggies and fruits to the world.


Our HQ and distribution centre is located in the "Heart" of the westland, surrounded by all the vegetable greenhouses from Holland. We can say that the growers are our neighbours and we have vitamins in our veines. With a team of specialized and dedicated people we supply fruits and vegetables to more than 50 countries. By truck, boat and plane we reach every corner in the world.


We are a full-service supplier of fruit and vegetables for the gastronomy industry. Our customers include chefs, importers, wholesalers and food & beverage managers in hotels and restaurants all over the world. In this very specialised sector, we are providing top-notch performances every day.  We are specialised in preparing mixed pallets which is ideal for any kinds of volumes, big or small. With our range of more than 1000 fresh products, which you can find in our easy to order app, we make sure our clients get everything what they need to be outstanding! 

picture Mix pallet fruits and vegetables for restaurants
container ship salings containers mix fruits and vegetables to worldwide destinations


We are highly experienced with exports and transports from mix containers fruits and vegetables to overseas destinations. With a range more than 300 fresh fruits and vegetables, we offer a yearround supply to supermarkets and importers in Africa, Carribean and the Middle east.  We co-operate with the best growers, to deliver the best quality fruits, vegetables and potatoes possible. We welcome retailers and importers from overseas countries in Africa, Middle East, Far East and the Americanas to discover what we can do for your organisation.


Fresh Wise operates from its own distribution centre, which means we have ultimate controle of our products and loadings. From our distribution centre we have a good connection to all local growers and what enables us to import and export quickly, from the harbour of Rotterdam or Amsterdam Airport. From our distribution centre we can receive, store and ship all of our products under the appropriate conditions. We also have our own packaging facility, where we pack products according to customer requirements. Our Distribution Centre is FSSC 22000 Certified, which guarantees the highest food safety level. Also are an certified Organic Supplier.

Logo Skal cenrtificaat Fresh Wise
lofo fssc 22000 certificaat Fresh wise
Distribution centre Fresh wise poortcamp 30 2678 PT DE LIER The Netherlands
Quality team staff Fresh Wise


" it's the inside what counts"

Our colleagues from the Quality department are our real gate keepers! They are the eyes of our company; what they don’t like, you will not get! With moving more than 1000 different products per week through our distribution centre, the quality inspection and food safety are our main priorities;  when the goods enter and also leaves our premises. Our quality department staff is well trained in handling and inspecting of fresh produce as well as on Food Safety. Therefore, we test our products regularly on residues levels and all our products are traceable to the field where they've been harvested. We work only with growers and suppliers who are at least Global Gap certified. 

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picture easy order app Fresh Wise for resturants and wholesalers in Europe
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